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  • Message from the President

    Message from the President

    Message from the President

    Welcome to South China University of Technology.

    SCUT is a leading institution of higher education directly governed by Ministry of Education in China, first founded in 1952 by merging the engineering schools and departments of several major universities and polytechnic institutes in several provinces. With values inherited from those schools, universities and institutes, despite all the vicissitudes and hardships in the past sixty-six years since the merge, SCUT has been committed to educating students into top talents and building the university into a top university. Now she has become a comprehensive research university with balanced development in disciplines like management, economy, liberal arts, law and medical science while maintaining its leading position in engineering.

    Educating students is our mission. We have formed a unique SCUT model of education and gained recognition for it. With the primary goal of education in mind, we adopt the new concepts of research-based teaching and inquiry-based learning to stimulate creation, innovation and entrepreneurship in students in an open environment in which SCUT cooperates with companies, research institutes and universities to use resources of both within and outside of the university and of both home and abroad for the same goal.

    Doing researches and innovating is our duty. Scientific researches have been the foundation of our development. We have been working hard to remain at the cutting edge of science and technology and to respond to the demand of important national strategies with a focus on unprecedented innovations and application of research results in the productive sectors. We will be firm in our steps with a global perspective to build the university into a magnet to talents. We aim to play a leading role in scientific researches and ultimately better serve the country, the society and all human beings.

    Opening for more cooperation is our culture. With our advantage in geographic location and the historic opportunities provided by the belt-and-road and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area initiatives, we started to build SCUT Guangzhou International Campus and with it to establish cooperation at deeper levels with top universities in the world. We now have long-term cooperation with more than 200 universities or research institutes in other countries, Confucius institutes as bridges for cultural communications and more than 2000 foreign students from more than 130 countries making the university a big family with diversified cultures.

    So the future of SCUT will unroll on a global stage with a global perspective and a global-wide excellence. We will take the opportunities provided by the "Double World-Class Universities" plan and the building of SCUT Guangzhou International Campus to attract and foster top-level professors. With the best internationalized education and research platform at SCUT, our students will gain global competence and become shapers of the future, thus contribute to the creation, spreading and development of human-beings' civilization.

    We look forward to more students from over the world joining SCUT. Let's join hands to embark on our journey of dreams that leads to the world and to the future.

    Professor Gao Song
    President of South China University of Technology


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